David Crowley
UX Designer & Developer


HP Sprout Touch Interface

Designer and prototyper on a 4-person team to design the interface for a new form of computing that blends touch, 3D scanning and 3D printing.

U-Haul Intranet and Point of Sales

Lead UX design and research for U-Haul's intranet that is used by employees behind the counter, in the office, or in the field on their mobile devices.


UX and design work for U-Haul's website, as well as the online store and reservation/checkout processes.

Lead and participated in user studies including user testing, A/B testing, prototype validation, and customer shadowing.

Maximus Lighting Online Store

Sole designer and developer for the online store.

More mobile and desktop sites/apps

Developer and designer of mobile and desktop sites/apps

Arduino and Raspberry Pi